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'A Tale of Two Cities'


3rd April 2017

Eleven Glasgow artists portray their city in oils, acrylics and photographs featuring the work of Cecilia Cardiff, Paul Kennedy, Kristina Dickson, Peter Nardini, Irene Gall, James Somerville Lindsay, Leanna Dawson, Stephen Murray, Michael Murison, Peter Murray and Andy Hurst.


Depicting familiar scenes from of our 'dear green place' as well as some rather more unfamiliar ones, each artist's exhibits reflect their interpretation of a vibrant city with its unique sense  of purpose and place and the people within it who call it home.


This fascinating Exhibition will also incorporate the distinctive art work of award winning accomplished Dutch artist Eric J Coolen in a unique cross cultural collaboration exploring the architectural similarities between the two cities of Glasgow and Haarlem.


Eric's work will also feature in a new book published by Neetah Books which will launch at the Exhibition Preview on Saturday, April 8th from 11am until 6pm. Dutch group Ampzing will also provide music throughout the afternoon from 1pm



Click here to download a pdf preview of the exhibits

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